How important is it for a tech startup to be in Silicon Valley?

From the expertise of many entrepreneurs, there is no other place on this earth which is better to lunch your business idea.

Silicon Valley on the Move

There are many reasons behind the decision of moving to Silicon Valley .First, get started with investors themselves . We should take into consideration angel investors and venture capitalists. It’s important to realize that there is no heaven in Silicon Valley. But the level of the venture capital in Silicon Valley is big and essential to consider when you’re getting started.

In other words, investors in the Valley have a big  advantage: especially , the deep expertise  that can only be accumulated by doing lots of deals across the whole innovation spectrum.

Infinite Capital 

This big  advantage  is related  an infinite amount of capital. Limited Partners - or LPs –recognize  that venture investing is a risky effort , and that’s exactly why they prefer to deal with  investors who have the best opportunity  of determining  the next Google or Facebook.

Compact Sales Channels

Third, acknowledge the commercial relationships that must be created between startups and larger ,well-established companies. All startups need to implement their idea based on  sales and business development objectives. The timeframe  is  tight because each investment round has milestones   that help future investors judge the talent of the team as well as the company’s success. And so, the sheer focus  of technology companies in Northern California makes it an important  place to build commercial relationships easily.

Failing to Learn

Fourth and beyond any doubt , Silicon Valley supports failure. What precisey does this mean? If you create a company that fails ,you will not be seen as a failure . If you built important relationships with investors and did everything in your power to implement your business idea , you won’t be seen  as a failure. In fact, it’s possible you’ll get another opportunity  to build something great.

Moving Your Startup

In  few words , Silicon Valley is a  specifically good place to build a company because:

First, SV investors have expertise that makes them unique in the world

Second, growth capital is  effortlessly available.

Third, geographic concentration has verifiable advantages  for startups themselves,

Last, acceptable risk-taking is culturally encouraged.

Also , you should take into consideration one important thing.

Your team and your mission define your success. All other things are secondary. Just take them into consideration and do your best wherever you are based.